Introducing Honda’s first all-electric city car.

The Honda e is a dream come true with its unique combination of dynamic performance, refined comfort and technology futuristic. Designed to deliver an exceptional driving experience.

8.3 seconds

0-100 km/h

Up to 220 km

Maximum autonomy

31 minutes

Quick load*

*Charging times are measured from the 80% low battery indicator on a 50kW charger.



A concentrate of cutting-edge technological innovations in a sleek and fluid design. Hidden door handles complement the clean lines of the Honda e. It is equipped with many innovative features, such as our Honda Parking Pilot and our exterior mirror camera system, to facilitate driving in the city.


We created the Honda e by questioning everything. This unique car is the end result of this questioning. Fun to drive, safe and aesthetic, the Honda e is a futuristic vehicle available now.



Retractable door handles. A discreet but impressive touch.

Retractable door handles lift automatically. They are among the stylish elements that accentuate the sleek profile of the Honda e. They are flush with the body and lift up when access is needed.

Camera exterior mirror system

Camera Mirror System replaces conventional mirrors with compact cameras that provide live images on two 6-inch screens inside the vehicle. Located at either end of the dashboard, these displays are ergonomically positioned to ensure a natural feel and view for the driver. The display can be configured to adapt to all situations thanks to the two views available: “Normal view” and “Wide view” which extends the field of vision and reduces blind spots.


Front lights

See and be seen. Bold LED headlights light your way. Unlock the car. The headlights guarantee you a warm welcome. During the day, the daytime running lights allow you to always remain visible in town. The perfect and shiny circles reveal the car’s personality and humanity.

Rear lights

From the back. City driving includes many stops and starts. Unmistakable from the rear are the bright and perfectly round LED taillights of the Honda e. A clear security statement. An undeniably modern design that does not neglect the neo-retro identity of the Honda e.


The Honda e comes with 16″ alloy wheels while the Honda e Advance offers a choice of 16″ and 17″ wheels. The 17″ alloy wheels have been specially designed to provide protection against brake dust. This gives it exceptional urban handling and dynamic driving characteristics.



Inside, the modern cabin is made up of tactile and contemporary materials. The spacious and uncluttered cabin creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

More space

With a trunk of 171 l, you have space. Increase it by folding the rear seats to make room for luggage and other bulky items. The Honda e was designed to be flexible on the inside.

Small in size, big in action

Thanks to its “lounge” design, the Honda e offers optimal comfort to its rear passengers as well as maximum space for their legs.


The panoramic roof gives a feeling of space by letting in light while ensuring comfortable isolation from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Room to relax

Inside, the spacious cabin gives the feeling of being in a comfortable living room. A calm, uncluttered interior with a modern aesthetic creates a laid-back vibe. Maximum legroom and total comfort.

Space everywhere

The absence of a center console further adds to the impression of width inside. This feeling of space is reinforced by a flat floor at the front and rear of the passenger compartment. Make yourself comfortable and observe the vast dashboard and its large screens: you really have the feeling of traveling in space.



The Honda e’s seats are as comfortable as they are stylish. The fabrics from the world of furniture and the materials used will remind you of your living room.


The digital dashboard features five high-resolution screens, designed for effortless use of connected apps and services. Key vehicle information, such as power and charge status, drive mode and safety features, is provided by the 8.8-inch TFT display at your fingertips.


Stay connected, wherever you go

Stay connected with 12.3″ LCD infotainment screens on the digital instrument panel. and your passenger can easily access numerous smart apps and services, which allow you to select and view the separate apps side by side.The intuitive interface is operated like a smartphone, with swipe controls that make it easy to swap content on both screens, so your passenger can send navigation information to the driver and search for a playlist on his side.

An overview

The camera-based exterior mirror system includes ergonomic screens located at each end of the dashboard to ensure a natural feel and visibility. The Camera-Based Center Mirror System* displays the image from a rear camera for an even wider view of vehicles behind you.

*Available on the Honda e Advance


Get plugged in when needed: your Honda e has a 230 V power outlet as well as USB sockets. Charge your phones, tablets, computers and more. You don’t have to go home to feel at home.


Designed with the dynamics of a sports car. Equipped with a 154 hp electric motor, the Honda e offers 315 Nm of torque and impressive acceleration: it goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.3 seconds. The new Honda e has been designed to provide an exceptional driving experience in urban environments.


Rear drive wheels

8.3 seconds

0-100 km/h

Up to 154



The Honda e’s dynamic driving characteristics can be enhanced by selecting “Sport” mode, which improves performance through faster acceleration. Sport mode also adjusts the suspension for sharper cornering handling.

Independent rear suspension provides sporty handling for a compact electric car

Independent rear suspension means a superior “ride feel” with high acceleration. The powerful electric motor drives the rear wheels to guarantee relentless sporty performance.


The Honda e is equipped with a high-power electric motor delivering up to 154 hp and greater torque at 315 Nm. The Honda e’s 35.5 kWh battery is one of the most compact in its class, contributing to an exceptional balance between low weight, fast charging capability and a range of over 200 km, ideal for daily journeys.


Designed for city driving, the single-pedal control lets you speed up and slow down the Honda e using only the accelerator pedal. When pressed, the car accelerates as usual. Then release it to activate automatic regenerative braking, which will slow the car. Single-pedal control simplifies urban driving, making the transmission more seamless with optimal driver control. The brake pedal is there for emergency stops.


Charging your Honda e is effortless thanks to its charging point placed in the center of the bonnet, allowing easy access from both sides of the car.

Fast Charge

Charging time – 31 minutes

(Public Fast Charging (Direct Current) CCS 50 kW)

Public Charge

Charging time – 246 minutes

(Public Accelerated Charging (Alternating Current)Type 2 6.6kW)


Charging time – 246 minutes

(Accelerated charging at home (Alternating Current)Type 2 6.6kW)


  • My Honda+
  • Full-width dual screen
  • Leather steering wheel
  • Single Pedal Control
  • Keyless unlock and start system
  • Heated front seats
  • Charging port
  • Honda Sensing
  • LED Daytime Running Lights
  • Panoramic roof
  • Auto Lift Door Handles
  • Tinted rear windows
  • Door mirror camera system
  • 16″ alloy wheels
  • Power: 136 hp

HONDA E Avance

(Honda E+)

  • Camera center mirror system
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Honda Parking Pilot
  • 230V Output
  • 16″ or 17″ alloy wheel
  • Power: 154 hp
  • Panoramic view control
  • Premium system with 8 speakers
  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Oncoming vehicle alert
  • Heated Front Windshield